Hey guys - starting a new league and just wanted to see if anyone is interested. Will have a webpage soon, and just write if you want to see the league rules. Here are the key rules to the league:

1) 80 team league, will spread talent out even further - will have many "unlimited" types of players to make this work.
2) Softball rules - where each team will have a 10 man lineup utilizing 4 outfielders, I have figured out the code to make this work in DMB.
3) Each team will be able to create one super player - i.e. maybe a pitcher with 200 IP real life and you change them to have given up 0 hits, and struck out 600 if you wish. Likewise if you would rather create one super hitter.
4) Ballparks will be real high school ballparks, send me the dimensions and I will get it built in DMB as I'm a master at ballpark creation. Send a pic and I'll get it uploaded as the ballpark photo.
5) Free agency will be using real money, so when a free agent is available whoever pays the most in real cash wins that player. In order to make this happen, I have a secure payment site setup where you will just provide me your credit card information and I will charge your account as you make transactions. I will keep the money in a fund and once every few years we will use it to pay all our travel to a cool location and have a live draft. I will keep some amount as an administrative fee for my time running the league.
6) 300 game season and all games must be played head to head. Each manager must provide a minimum of a one page write-up for every one of their home games and it must be in the style of 26 sentences each starting with the successive letter of the alphabet.
7) And oh yeah........April Fools!!!!

Have a great April Fools day all, and best of luck as your leagues all kick off!